The saga of the Yoshi quilt

I made my very first quilt for some dear friends and their new baby girl back in September. I got bit by the quilting bug and thought I’d look around for some nerdy quilt to make (and thought maybe I’d try to find one to make for my husband as a gift). I remembered seeing somewhere a Yoshi quilt, and as my husband’s favorite Mario character is Yoshi, I went in search of a pattern.

This is the quilt pattern I ended up using. If you want the actual pattern, it’s in this post. I made the background all one solid blue–I didn’t want to make it too busy.

I started making this quilt on September 27, 2015. I took the pattern and recreated it in Excel so I could break the quilt up into 5 square x 5  square blocks. After that, I went fabric shopping. Each little square in the quilt is 3″ wide after sewing all of the sides together. The quilt is 34 squares high and 29 squares wide (so not all of the blocks are 5×5–some are 4×4).

Here’s the fabric I’m using for the front:

  • 1 fat quarter of orange
  • 1 fat quarter of light orange
  • Country classic: kelly green, lime, black, white, monaco blue

And here is the backing fabric:

backing fabric

Apparently, it’s no longer available at JoAnn’s, but it’s the Nintendo Game Scenes Cotton fabric, Item # 14492573. I just hope I have enough!

I haven’t decided on a binding fabric yet–I’ll probably do the kelly green solid to match the grass at the bottom.

Progress as of 10/31–I’ve been taking some breaks on this to work on other projects:

5×5 blocks completely finished (I quilt as I go, so this means the block is sewn together and quilted onto the batting): 11 blocks of the total 42 blocks

5×5 blocks sewn together, but not quilted: 1 (soon to be 2)