I am out of batting! I had 8 more blocks to pin down to the batting and I ran out!

And I miscounted, apparently, because I had 30 blocks to quilt, not 29. Oops.

So far today, I have:

–Finished sewing the last two blocks together. Woohoo!

–Ironed all of the remaining blocks.

–Pinned down and cut out of the batting 22 blocks.

–Growled in frustration because I ran out of batting.

I’m going to take a break this afternoon and watch some Outlander and do some laundry. My back and leg are sore and I don’t know how much more sitting at my machine I can handle today. I may do a little bit of quilting later.

We put the Christmas decorations up yesterday. I am really hoping I can finish this quilt before Christmas so I can give it to Matt as part of his Christmas present (even thought he already knows about it).



My eyes are sore

I only have two more blocks to sew together, and then all of the blocks will be assembled–I just have to iron and quilt them.

Today, I cut out the last 30 black squares I needed, and ironed the 19 blocks I got done.

Then, I sat and sewed until my eyes hurt. I got 8 blocks done, and I’ll do the last two tomorrow. I’ll iron these last 10 blocks and I might start cutting out the batting and pinning them down tomorrow, too. It’s 29 blocks worth of cutting, so I probably won’t get them all done tomorrow–I want to watch Outlander, too.

With what I got done today, I have 5 of the 7 rows done, and 5 of the 6 columns done. Getting closer!

To do on this quilt:

  1. Finish assembling last 2 blocks
  2. Iron the last 10 blocks
  3. Lay out the batting and cut down for 29 blocks
  4. Quilt 29 blocks
  5. Iron the backing fabric
  6. Assemble the quilt top (arrange into rows, sew rows together)
  7. Press seams open on back of quilt top (use a lower temp!)
  8. Measure quilt top and cut/sew backing fabric as needed
  9. Buy clear thread
  10. Sew backing onto quilt
  11. Choose fabric for binding and buy it
  12. Assemble binding
  13. Sew on binding
  14. Collapse in relief

So, I finished a few more…

I went on a sewing spree again tonight after taking a wee dinner break and I now have 19 blocks sewn together! I’ll probably cut the last 30 black squares I need tomorrow, and might break out the iron and start ironing these blocks.

Now, I’m up to one full row of blocks done and 4 full columns done.

Halfway done making blocks!

I am now officially halfway done making blocks for my Yoshi quilt! I have one full row completed (of 7), and three columns completed (of 6).

I have 14 blocks that are sewn together, and are waiting on ironing/quilting.

I went through last night and assembled little stacks of the squares needed to complete a 5×5 block, and numbered them according to my pattern. In doing this, I discovered that I didn’t cut enough black squares–I’m short by about 30! So, at some point soon, I need to cut 30 more black squares; thankfully, I have enough fabric to do it.

Also, I got a new sewing machine! Jo-Ann’s had the Singer Patchwork (model 7285Q) on sale for Black Friday (it was at $199), so I got it as a very late birthday present. I LOVE it so far! My other machine was a Singer Talent, and this new one is so much quieter. I’ve never had a computerized machine before, and I have so many stitches! I really like the needle position button, because now I don’t have to turn the wheel every time I finish sewing. I did three blocks on it this evening, and it was a breeze. I love that my version came with so many different feet (including a 1/4 inch foot which is a lifesaver and a quilting foot that I’m excited to try). I also love the auto tension and length and that I can change them if I need to.

Things I don’t like about the machine: at auto tension/length for the straight stitch, my top needle’s thread likes to come unthreaded every once in a while after I’ve cut the threads from sewing a block. I’m working around it by cutting my thread a lot longer than I normally would, but I don’t like doing that as it wastes thread. I do agree with what several reviewers say–the light on the machine is not quite bright enough for my liking. Also, why did they have to make the cord for the foot pedal so short?

One full row sewn!

As of tonight, I have one full horizontal row of the Yoshi quilt done! Woohoo! (Okay, so it’s not quilted or ironed or has the blocks sewn together in a row, but the blocks for the full row are sewn…)

I have 9 blocks that are ready to be ironed/laid down on batting and cut out/quilted as of tonight. I’m debating if I should go ahead and do that, or if I should keep making blocks…


EDIT: So I laid down the top row (the row I’ve made all the blocks for) just to get an idea of about how wide this quilt will be. After seam allowances, it’ll be approximately 84″ wide. o.o

It’s done!

I just finished the baby quilt today! It’s out of the wash, and it held together, which is always a bonus! I’ll post pictures of it soon when it’s daylight and I can get good shots. It ended up being a little small–only 35″x35″ with 3 blocks across and 3 blocks down.

If I make this pattern again, I’d make each square 5.5″ so they’re 5″ after sewing together, and make it at least 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down.

Baby quilt update

Monday night, I finished quilting the squares I had done, sewed the blocks together, and then trimmed them down and squared them up.

Last night, I fixed the one little piece of a square that got eaten by my machine a few days ago, and then quilted the rest of that square and sewed its block together.

Today, I got quite a bit done: I got the quilt top laid out and after much deliberation and flipping blocks around, got the top sewn together. My seams all matched up! Then, I pressed open the seams on the batting/top (since I quilted as I went, I had to open the seams before I could pin the backing on), and learned that I need to turn my iron down on that batting–I might have turned it a bit brown in a place or two!

Finally, I pinned the backing on, cut it down to size, and sewed down one row. Since I quilted the squares before sewing them into blocks, I have a few extra seams to sew down. I should finish attaching the backing tomorrow, and I might even get the binding done, too. I can already tell I’ll have to cut the quilt down a bit more or sew on a small strip of the backing as it got pulled away when I sewed it down. I’ll decide tomorrow.

My friend’s baby quilt is moving right along! I got quite a bit done today: I got almost all of the squares quilted (except for one block’s worth because my machine ate a bit of one of the squares–I need to cut off a piece and reattach a new one), and I got the quilted squares trimmed down.

Now, I just need to fix the one block’s square that got eaten by my machine, quilt the rest of the squares for the one block, and then I’ll be ready to assemble the blocks.

I only hope that this cold I’ve been trying to get doesn’t hit–I made homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, with leftovers for the next few days, and I hope it works to help fight off whatever it is I feel I’m getting. :/

A new quilt appears!

My friend is having a little girl, and I thought I’d make her a quilt as a baby shower gift. The problem–the shower is on the 15th, and I hadn’t gotten anything fabric-wise, nor had I picked a pattern. Her theme is Hello Kitty (do you know how hard it is to match colors to Hello Kitty fabric?), so I made a run to Jo-Ann’s today to get the fabric and batting I needed.

I’m using the Disappearing 9-Patch baby quilt by Janice Zeller as the pattern, and got some cute fabric–pinks, white, blue, green for the binding, and more Hello Kitty (also pink) for the backing.

Today, I got all 9 blocks sewn together, and just finished cutting the blocks so I can rotate them and then sew them back together. I think what I may do is go ahead and quilt the small blocks before I sew them back together so I don’t have a huge quilting project at the end of this.

Here’s the fabric I’m using:

Quilt blocks:

  • Country Classic: white, monaco blue, and fuschia
  • Keepsake Calico: Pink vine with birds, Small dots on Rose Pink
  • Heidi Grace: Floral Vine
  • Hello Kitty: paler pink
  • Stella Collection for Windham Fabrics: Caris in Dove Gray (40693-7)  by Lotta Jansdotter
  • A light blue paisley scatter I found at Joann’s and now can’t find again

Binding: Country Classic in Vineyard Green

Backing: Hello Kitty (slightly darker pink)

A little trim here, a little trim there…

I trimmed off the edges of the 11 squares I had already quilted of the Yoshi quilt, so now they’re all nice and even and ready to be sewn together, whenever I get to that point.

Tonight, I sewed two more blocks together and did some more cross-stitching on the Mos Eisley village–I only have two and half more buildings and then that’s done, too.

Yoshi quilt progress:

11 blocks done (quilted and trimmed)

6 blocks sewn together, need to be quilted.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll drag out the batting and cut out and start quilting these 6 squares. But then I’d have to lug out the iron and iron all of them, too. Hmm.