Baby quilt update

Monday night, I finished quilting the squares I had done, sewed the blocks together, and then trimmed them down and squared them up.

Last night, I fixed the one little piece of a square that got eaten by my machine a few days ago, and then quilted the rest of that square and sewed its block together.

Today, I got quite a bit done: I got the quilt top laid out and after much deliberation and flipping blocks around, got the top sewn together. My seams all matched up! Then, I pressed open the seams on the batting/top (since I quilted as I went, I had to open the seams before I could pin the backing on), and learned that I need to turn my iron down on that batting–I might have turned it a bit brown in a place or two!

Finally, I pinned the backing on, cut it down to size, and sewed down one row. Since I quilted the squares before sewing them into blocks, I have a few extra seams to sew down. I should finish attaching the backing tomorrow, and I might even get the binding done, too. I can already tell I’ll have to cut the quilt down a bit more or sew on a small strip of the backing as it got pulled away when I sewed it down. I’ll decide tomorrow.


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