Halfway done making blocks!

I am now officially halfway done making blocks for my Yoshi quilt! I have one full row completed (of 7), and three columns completed (of 6).

I have 14 blocks that are sewn together, and are waiting on ironing/quilting.

I went through last night and assembled little stacks of the squares needed to complete a 5×5 block, and numbered them according to my pattern. In doing this, I discovered that I didn’t cut enough black squares–I’m short by about 30! So, at some point soon, I need to cut 30 more black squares; thankfully, I have enough fabric to do it.

Also, I got a new sewing machine! Jo-Ann’s had the Singer Patchwork (model 7285Q) on sale for Black Friday (it was at $199), so I got it as a very late birthday present. I LOVE it so far! My other machine was a Singer Talent, and this new one is so much quieter. I’ve never had a computerized machine before, and I have so many stitches! I really like the needle position button, because now I don’t have to turn the wheel every time I finish sewing. I did three blocks on it this evening, and it was a breeze. I love that my version came with so many different feet (including a 1/4 inch foot which is a lifesaver and a quilting foot that I’m excited to try). I also love the auto tension and length and that I can change them if I need to.

Things I don’t like about the machine: at auto tension/length for the straight stitch, my top needle’s thread likes to come unthreaded every once in a while after I’ve cut the threads from sewing a block. I’m working around it by cutting my thread a lot longer than I normally would, but I don’t like doing that as it wastes thread. I do agree with what several reviewers say–the light on the machine is not quite bright enough for my liking. Also, why did they have to make the cord for the foot pedal so short?


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