I am out of batting! I had 8 more blocks to pin down to the batting and I ran out!

And I miscounted, apparently, because I had 30 blocks to quilt, not 29. Oops.

So far today, I have:

–Finished sewing the last two blocks together. Woohoo!

–Ironed all of the remaining blocks.

–Pinned down and cut out of the batting 22 blocks.

–Growled in frustration because I ran out of batting.

I’m going to take a break this afternoon and watch some Outlander and do some laundry. My back and leg are sore and I don’t know how much more sitting at my machine I can handle today. I may do a little bit of quilting later.

We put the Christmas decorations up yesterday. I am really hoping I can finish this quilt before Christmas so I can give it to Matt as part of his Christmas present (even thought he already knows about it).



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