Two new quilts in the making!

Over Christmas, when we were home, I offered to make my mother-in-law (Mom) and my aunt-in-law (Auntie) quilts. There was a  lot of joyous squealing and two separate shopping trips to JoAnn’s, and picking out of patterns. My wish is to get these done by their birthdays (in April and February, respectively), but in reality, I have a conference to go to that I’m presenting at in April and I have a lot of work to do for my conference paper before then. So, they’ll probably get them for Christmas (if I can wait that long to give them to them!), or if they come this way for a visit this summer, I’ll make sure they’re done before then.

Anyway, on to the good stuff: the fabric and patterns.

Mom’s quilt is going to be a disappearing 9 patch (her choice). She chose some really pretty fabrics (and there’s 10 because she didn’t want a lot of the solid gold in her quilt, but she liked it too much to leave it out)

I got 3/4 yard of each fabric, and cut 5″ wide x WOF strips. I’ll do some strip piecing and cut the actual blocks from the strip pieced sets once they’re done. For hers, each finished block should be 13.5″, so I’ll need 42 blocks to make a roughly-twin-sized quilt.


Auntie’s quilt is going to be a random fence rails pattern (I’ll do blocks of 3 strips and alternate the direction of the blocks). Her fabrics:

I got 1.5 yards of each fabric and cut 3″ x WOF strips from them. I’ll do some strip piecing and then cut the strips into 7.5″ blocks when done. Should need about 120 blocks when done, which should make a roughly-twin-sized quilt.


Tonight, I got the fabric I have already bought cut (just need to get two more fabrics for Mom’s and one more for Auntie’s). I’m itching to start strip piecing–if I get a wild hair, I might start that this coming week. But I must get started on this conference paper…..





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