Finished one!

Just finished the quilt for my aunt-in-law! I didn’t realize until I was sewing down the binding that I cut through a little bit of the backing when I was trimming off the batting. >:| So I have to sew a little patch on to the binding. But it’s done!


I’ll post pictures of it later, once I can get my husband to take some in the sunlight.


More progress!

Soooo…yesterday (Sunday), I finished quilting my aunt-in-law’s quilt (sooo many diamonds!). Today, I trimmed down the binding (I just flip the backing over the front to make the binding–I HATE making quilt binding), folded it, and pressed it. All I have to do now on hers is sew down the binding and wash it. !!! So close!

Progress report

So, I ran out of the Kona Snow to make my mother-in-law’s quilt. 😦 Bought an extra half-yard, and hopefully that will do it.

Mom decided on her pattern (she thinks) for her queen-size quilt. She wants the Dutch Garden Cornerstone pattern. So, as a note to me: for Mom’s falling charms, you could fit 7 of the 5″ squares on a jelly roll strip. You could fit 6 of the 7.5″ squares with one side of the white border on a jelly roll strip. You used 3.5 yds of the Kona Snow to make Mom’s falling charms, which was about 70″ x 77″. The final block size for the Cornerstone will be about 9.5″ x 9.5″.

For my aunt-in-law’s quilt, I got a lot done today. I cut out the batting and sewed it together. I cut out the backing and after a lot of cursing, managed to get half the quilting done. I’m doing a diamond pattern on hers as some of the blocks didn’t quuuite line up right and doing simple straight line would not have looked good. I just have to do the other diagonals across the quilt, and then I have to trim the batting and bind it.

But, bonus: I got 14 yards of fabric (the batting and backing for mom-in-law’s and aunt-in-law’s quilts, the half-yard of Kona Snow I needed, and a spool of navy blue thread) for $48 at JoAnn’s last weekend! Love their sales!