Finished just in time!

I just finished sewing down the binding for Nana’s quilt (as in, I finished it about 15  minutes ago), and have it in the wash–just in time, too, since we’re leaving Wednesday for home!

I bought the 108″ wide cotton from JoAnn’s to make the backing with, but I ended up having to rip out the last column of her quilt as the backing shrank by 18 freaking inches!!!!! after I washed and dried it, and it wasn’t wide enough to use as the binding, too.

I do, however, have just enough fabric left over from her quilt to make a pillowcase, which I’m going to sew this weekend–they don’t take long at all, and I’m just going to sew strips together and make her an envelope pillowcase. Easy peasy.

Pictures of Nana’s quilt and the quilt I made for E under the cut.

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Two quilts!

I’ve made two quilts in the past few months: one that’s done for my new nephew, E, and another that’s about halfway done for my Nana.

E’s quilt used various nursery prints and solids from Jo-Ann’s, and used this pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew. I was a little disappointed in myself with this one; I made the strip sets, and before cutting them into blocks, pressed the seams to one side as always. But when I did this, I must not have pulled everything taut when I was pressing as the blocks ended up being different sizes, which led to a lot of alignment issues. But, knowing E’s mom, she won’t use this quilt anyway, so oh well.


Nana’s quilt is a simple patchwork squares quilt, done with this pattern in the interest of time. Since she was here at the end of October, I had her pick out fabrics. She picked five prints and a gorgeous red solid. I cut each square to be 4.75″ before sewing them together. I made blocks of four squares each, and made the quilt 8 blocks wide and 10 blocks high (so 16 squares wide and 20 squares tall). It’s roughly 68″ x 80″–I need to measure it once I’ve squared it up a bit.

I am really proud of myself with her quilt–the squares all line up really well, and the blocks are all lined up and square (with one slight exception). I finished the quilt top (and ironed it!) tonight, so all I have to do is sew the batting together and cut it to size, then cut the backing to size, press it, and quilt and bind. I have to get this done before Dec. 21st when we leave to go home.

Nana requested flannel batting in her quilt so it wouldn’t be too warm and heavy for her, so I won’t have to quilt very densely. I’m going to use the backing as the binding, too. I chose a solid dark navy blue as a) there’s not a lot of blue in the quilt and this will add some balance, and b) trying to match a print to the ones I’m already using would have been nigh on impossible (unless I spent a lot of money at the Quilting Post [where I got the fabrics for the top–the batting and backing came from Jo-Ann’s and was $20 with the Black Friday sales] as the quilt top fabric was about $60.) so I chose to use a solid instead.

And another quilt top!

So I finished the quilt top for the baby quilt I talked about in this post. I had to play around with the lay out of the little strips as my layout looked awfully matchy-stripey with the original way the pattern I was using as a guide had the layout (and this was because of the order in which I sewed the pieces together to begin with, not a fault of their layout). So, I need to iron the quilt top and backing, and then make my quilt sandwich and quilt away. Still haven’t decided on the binding yet.

And Yoshi is taking a break right now–I may wrestle with it later this week (if I don’t catch the death plague Matt has). I’m sooo close with it, too!

While I’m waiting…

Since Matt is still sick on the couch (poor guy!), I started working on the baby quilt I’m going to be putting up for sale. I bought this jelly roll from JoAnn’s, and got this fabric for the backing. I think I’ll use this one that I have leftover from another project for the binding; and if I don’t like it, then I should have enough of the backing to make the binding.

In case the links disappear, the jelly roll is Land of Whimsy Giraffe print (item 14173678), the backing is Snuggle flannel white/blue dot (item 10855385), and the potential binding is Keepsake Calico blue star (item 4248910).

I’m using this pattern from Fat Quarter Shop as my rough guideline.

It’s going really quickly; in under an hour I had the 3 big strips of 6 smaller strips sewn together. I’m hoping to finish this one up quickly and get it up for sale–I think I’ll try our local Facebook buy/sell group.