Finished one!

Just finished the quilt for my aunt-in-law! I didn’t realize until I was sewing down the binding that I cut through a little bit of the backing when I was trimming off the batting. >:| So I have to sew a little patch on to the binding. But it’s done!


I’ll post pictures of it later, once I can get my husband to take some in the sunlight.


Finished just in time!

I just finished sewing down the binding for Nana’s quilt (as in, I finished it about 15  minutes ago), and have it in the wash–just in time, too, since we’re leaving Wednesday for home!

I bought the 108″ wide cotton from JoAnn’s to make the backing with, but I ended up having to rip out the last column of her quilt as the backing shrank by 18 freaking inches!!!!! after I washed and dried it, and it wasn’t wide enough to use as the binding, too.

I do, however, have just enough fabric left over from her quilt to make a pillowcase, which I’m going to sew this weekend–they don’t take long at all, and I’m just going to sew strips together and make her an envelope pillowcase. Easy peasy.

Pictures of Nana’s quilt and the quilt I made for E under the cut.

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It’s over! It’s done!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I am proud to say that Yoshi is officially finished.

I finished him yesterday evening (Dec. 19th) around 9 PM. I sewed down the last row and a half of the backing, cut and assembled the binding (and burned my forearm doing so–I didn’t reach far enough around the iron and touched the side of it), and sewed the binding on.

I sewed the binding on the back of the quilt first, which made it so much easier to make sure I actually caught all of the binding. I also pressed the binding straight up to the edge of the quilt, which made it a lot easier to fold it over to the front. This is the tutorial I used for sewing down the binding on the back. I had green thread in the bobbin and invisible thread on the top needle to sew down both sides of the binding.

I’ll post pictures once it’s washed (and if I can pry it away from Matt long enough to get it washed!) and include the pattern and yardage, number of itty bitty squares, fabric choices, thread colors, etc.

But for now, we’re off to see Star Wars (!!!) again.

It’s done!

I just finished the baby quilt today! It’s out of the wash, and it held together, which is always a bonus! I’ll post pictures of it soon when it’s daylight and I can get good shots. It ended up being a little small–only 35″x35″ with 3 blocks across and 3 blocks down.

If I make this pattern again, I’d make each square 5.5″ so they’re 5″ after sewing together, and make it at least 4 blocks across and 4 blocks down.