Finished one!

Just finished the quilt for my aunt-in-law! I didn’t realize until I was sewing down the binding that I cut through a little bit of the backing when I was trimming off the batting. >:| So I have to sew a little patch on to the binding. But it’s done!


I’ll post pictures of it later, once I can get my husband to take some in the sunlight.


More progress!

Soooo…yesterday (Sunday), I finished quilting my aunt-in-law’s quilt (sooo many diamonds!). Today, I trimmed down the binding (I just flip the backing over the front to make the binding–I HATE making quilt binding), folded it, and pressed it. All I have to do now on hers is sew down the binding and wash it. !!! So close!

I’ve got three, three quilts going….ah, hah, hah, hah

Threeeeee quilts!

The first one is the one for my aunt-in-law. I’ve got the whole top done already, so I just need to buy a bolt of white flannel and the backing fabric for that one. Then I can finish it off.

My mother-in-law’s quilt changed. I sewed together some disappearing 9 patches (like she wanted) but it just did not look good. At all. So, I enlisted my husband and we changed both the pattern and added (and took away) some fabrics from her original choices.

So, her quilt now has:

And we chose the Falling Charms pattern from Jenny Doan. This looks sooooo much better than the 9 patch with the colors we added and took away. I’m using the Kona Snow as the border around the charms, and I’ll probably add a navy blue border once it’s finished. Not quite sure what I’m going to do for the backing or binding. This one will be about 72″ x 84″ when I get done (minus the border if I do it). That’s 12 blocks wide by 13 blocks down (a block being the charm with the border on two sides).

Then, we went to Florida in July, and I offered to make my Mom two quilts. She’s still thinking about the queen size one she wants, so I’ll talk about the twin size one I’m making for her now. Her pattern is just a simple patchwork, which makes it a lot easier and faster. I cut 5.5″ squares for hers.

Her fabrics are:

And that’s it for now! I’ve got a lot of sewing to do!

Two new quilts in the making!

Over Christmas, when we were home, I offered to make my mother-in-law (Mom) and my aunt-in-law (Auntie) quilts. There was a  lot of joyous squealing and two separate shopping trips to JoAnn’s, and picking out of patterns. My wish is to get these done by their birthdays (in April and February, respectively), but in reality, I have a conference to go to that I’m presenting at in April and I have a lot of work to do for my conference paper before then. So, they’ll probably get them for Christmas (if I can wait that long to give them to them!), or if they come this way for a visit this summer, I’ll make sure they’re done before then.

Anyway, on to the good stuff: the fabric and patterns.

Mom’s quilt is going to be a disappearing 9 patch (her choice). She chose some really pretty fabrics (and there’s 10 because she didn’t want a lot of the solid gold in her quilt, but she liked it too much to leave it out)

I got 3/4 yard of each fabric, and cut 5″ wide x WOF strips. I’ll do some strip piecing and cut the actual blocks from the strip pieced sets once they’re done. For hers, each finished block should be 13.5″, so I’ll need 42 blocks to make a roughly-twin-sized quilt.


Auntie’s quilt is going to be a random fence rails pattern (I’ll do blocks of 3 strips and alternate the direction of the blocks). Her fabrics:

I got 1.5 yards of each fabric and cut 3″ x WOF strips from them. I’ll do some strip piecing and then cut the strips into 7.5″ blocks when done. Should need about 120 blocks when done, which should make a roughly-twin-sized quilt.


Tonight, I got the fabric I have already bought cut (just need to get two more fabrics for Mom’s and one more for Auntie’s). I’m itching to start strip piecing–if I get a wild hair, I might start that this coming week. But I must get started on this conference paper…..




Finished just in time!

I just finished sewing down the binding for Nana’s quilt (as in, I finished it about 15  minutes ago), and have it in the wash–just in time, too, since we’re leaving Wednesday for home!

I bought the 108″ wide cotton from JoAnn’s to make the backing with, but I ended up having to rip out the last column of her quilt as the backing shrank by 18 freaking inches!!!!! after I washed and dried it, and it wasn’t wide enough to use as the binding, too.

I do, however, have just enough fabric left over from her quilt to make a pillowcase, which I’m going to sew this weekend–they don’t take long at all, and I’m just going to sew strips together and make her an envelope pillowcase. Easy peasy.

Pictures of Nana’s quilt and the quilt I made for E under the cut.

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Two quilts!

I’ve made two quilts in the past few months: one that’s done for my new nephew, E, and another that’s about halfway done for my Nana.

E’s quilt used various nursery prints and solids from Jo-Ann’s, and used this pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew. I was a little disappointed in myself with this one; I made the strip sets, and before cutting them into blocks, pressed the seams to one side as always. But when I did this, I must not have pulled everything taut when I was pressing as the blocks ended up being different sizes, which led to a lot of alignment issues. But, knowing E’s mom, she won’t use this quilt anyway, so oh well.


Nana’s quilt is a simple patchwork squares quilt, done with this pattern in the interest of time. Since she was here at the end of October, I had her pick out fabrics. She picked five prints and a gorgeous red solid. I cut each square to be 4.75″ before sewing them together. I made blocks of four squares each, and made the quilt 8 blocks wide and 10 blocks high (so 16 squares wide and 20 squares tall). It’s roughly 68″ x 80″–I need to measure it once I’ve squared it up a bit.

I am really proud of myself with her quilt–the squares all line up really well, and the blocks are all lined up and square (with one slight exception). I finished the quilt top (and ironed it!) tonight, so all I have to do is sew the batting together and cut it to size, then cut the backing to size, press it, and quilt and bind. I have to get this done before Dec. 21st when we leave to go home.

Nana requested flannel batting in her quilt so it wouldn’t be too warm and heavy for her, so I won’t have to quilt very densely. I’m going to use the backing as the binding, too. I chose a solid dark navy blue as a) there’s not a lot of blue in the quilt and this will add some balance, and b) trying to match a print to the ones I’m already using would have been nigh on impossible (unless I spent a lot of money at the Quilting Post [where I got the fabrics for the top–the batting and backing came from Jo-Ann’s and was $20 with the Black Friday sales] as the quilt top fabric was about $60.) so I chose to use a solid instead.

Yoshi: the final reckoning

Here is the final wrap-up post for the Yoshi quilt. In it, I’ll link all of the tutorials I used, the pattern I used (including the one I made to keep track of my progress), the fabric used (and how much of it to the best of my ability to remember), the thread I used, and the batting I used. Remember, you can use the Yoshi tag on my blog to see all of the posts about the Yoshi quilt. This turned out to be a mini-tutorial.

Here are some pictures:

The quilt top (pre-trimming):20151212_174404

The backing/binding:


I’m putting this tutorial/information under a Read More to save everyone’s dashes.


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It’s over! It’s done!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I am proud to say that Yoshi is officially finished.

I finished him yesterday evening (Dec. 19th) around 9 PM. I sewed down the last row and a half of the backing, cut and assembled the binding (and burned my forearm doing so–I didn’t reach far enough around the iron and touched the side of it), and sewed the binding on.

I sewed the binding on the back of the quilt first, which made it so much easier to make sure I actually caught all of the binding. I also pressed the binding straight up to the edge of the quilt, which made it a lot easier to fold it over to the front. This is the tutorial I used for sewing down the binding on the back. I had green thread in the bobbin and invisible thread on the top needle to sew down both sides of the binding.

I’ll post pictures once it’s washed (and if I can pry it away from Matt long enough to get it washed!) and include the pattern and yardage, number of itty bitty squares, fabric choices, thread colors, etc.

But for now, we’re off to see Star Wars (!!!) again.

Binding my time

I bought the binding fabric for Yoshi last night. It’s the Country Classics in Forest Green (1.75 yds). It’s a few shades darker than the grass/dark green in Yoshi, so there’s some contrast. And it matches the dark green in the little pipe tubes and piranha flowers in the backing fabric, so double bonus.

I still need to sew down one and a half more lines on the backing and then I can start cutting the binding. I pulled a muscle in my back right under my left shoulderblade from having to constantly lift the wuilt onto the sewing table/push the quilt through my machine, and it’s still sore today. I might go ahead and finish the last little bit of the backing tonight, but I think we’re going to go see Star Wars(!!!!), so maybe tomorrow.

Creeping ever closer…

I have almost finished sewing the backing on my Yoshi quilt! I have 1 and a half more rows to do, and then I’m done except for the binding. The back is a little bubbly (I don’t have a big enough hard surface, so I had to pin on the carpet), but it’s not too bad. What is the worst is trying to get the quilt through my machine–it’s soooo big and heavy!

And I love invisible thread. It’s covering a lot of sins right now.

Matt cuddled up under this evening after I’d pinned it and sewn down a couple rows, and it has his seal of approval. Still need him to pick a binding color, though.