It’s over! It’s done!

Wooooohooooooo!!! I am proud to say that Yoshi is officially finished.

I finished him yesterday evening (Dec. 19th) around 9 PM. I sewed down the last row and a half of the backing, cut and assembled the binding (and burned my forearm doing so–I didn’t reach far enough around the iron and touched the side of it), and sewed the binding on.

I sewed the binding on the back of the quilt first, which made it so much easier to make sure I actually caught all of the binding. I also pressed the binding straight up to the edge of the quilt, which made it a lot easier to fold it over to the front. This is the tutorial I used for sewing down the binding on the back. I had green thread in the bobbin and invisible thread on the top needle to sew down both sides of the binding.

I’ll post pictures once it’s washed (and if I can pry it away from Matt long enough to get it washed!) and include the pattern and yardage, number of itty bitty squares, fabric choices, thread colors, etc.

But for now, we’re off to see Star Wars (!!!) again.


Still hate ironing

Yup. Ironing is the worst. But, I’m done ironing until I have to press the binding fabric! I’m itching to start sewing the backing on to my freshly pressed open quilt top, but Matt (who has a terrible sore throat, cough, fever, etc.–poor guy!) is sleeping downstairs and that’s the only place I have enough space to lay out this quilt and start pinning the backing on. So, I’ll wait until he wakes up. If I get bored, I could start laying out the really cute jelly roll I bought and start sewing the strips together…

An updated to-do list:

  1. Finish assembling last 2 blocks
  2. Iron the last 10 blocks
  3. Lay out the batting and cut down for 29 blocks Lay down batting and cut down for 9 blocks
  4. Quilt 29 blocks  Quilt 1 last block
  5. Iron the backing fabric/trim selvedge.
  6. Assemble the quilt top (arrange into rows, sew rows together-just one left!)
  7. Press seams open on back of quilt top (use a lower temp!) and cut the corners down to reduce bulk.
  8. Trim and measure quilt top and cut/sew backing fabric as needed
  9. Buy clear thread
  10. Sew backing onto quilt (after pinning it, of course!)
  11. Choose fabric for binding and buy it
  12. Assemble binding
  13. Sew on binding
  14. Collapse in relief

Just a wee update

I hate ironing. There, I said it.

I pressed open seams and clipped corners on 4 of the 7 rows tonight. Still need to trim and sew row 7 into a strip.

Matt has to work all day tomorrow, so I plan on getting the whole quilt top assembled tomorrow, if I can. If I have the energy after doing that, then I’ll press open the new set of seams/clip corners and maybe even press the backing. Heck, if I get really ambitious, I might even trim the selvedge off the backing and sew and press the seam for the backing.